Sunday, September 9, 2007

This won't make any sense in nine days

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Anonymous said...

There's no good vote. I want to choose the Rothko ... but because of Philip - not Rothko. And, I've never been in the Cy Twombly Gallery. The surrealist collection demands all of my time every time. The rest of the collection bores me except maybe the Attic vases with the negroid figures. The antiquities. The Picasso's they have are horrid. I would prefer one of his sketches over all of those canvases. Every thing else - well I can be postmodern at home.

Fuck it, I choose the Rothko with reservation.

Anonymous said...

good good. I agree, the postmodernisationalismistique of the Byzantine Chapel has far exceeded my taste for exquisite negroids. Tish Tosh. Puh-lease stay far away from Twombly's toilet of artistic excrement. It is far too common; reminiscent of tar seeping out of a sick elephants anus. Let us not even approach Mr. Rothko's brain splattered coffin. Dark and incidiously overwhelming sensually (erotic). Dali, yes please. Magritte, I'll have another. Fill me up to the brim with Tanguy. Delicous! After we nibble on those nuggets, we can excrete more nuggets onto those Picaso-so's. Reservation for two please, I am on board with your stiff staff stuck sharply up everyone's asshole. (Keep in mind I'm British)

Anonymous said...

I don't think HCP is part of the Menil.

b.s. said...

No, it isn't. Neither is the joanna. They're both within two blocks though, 'in orbit' around the Menil. That's all I meant.

John Hovig said...

Agreed about the Menil's Picassos. They're not teh grate. But it's still interesting to see the master's hand up close.

The surrealist collection starts out dusty and gets old quickly, and the dim lighting and dark walls don't help. When I force myself to look at a Magritte with fresh eyes I often find myself delighted, but getting to that point is often a struggle. I can't help but think that the presentation has something to do with this. I also wish the Joe Cornell boxes were more prominent and given a place of higher honor. Those pieces are jewels. Tho maybe I shouldn't complain. The fewer people gathered around the Cornell shelf, the better for me. And you gotta love that junk closet back there. That thing is a hoot.

So the winner for me is Twombly. Even the building itself is wonderful. I think it's an ADHD thing. You appreciate Twombly more when your to-do lists and idea books already look like that. You aspire to create a desk or work cubicle as sublime as a Twombly painting.