Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kelly vs Robert

Klaasmeyer vs Chaney? You decide...

Admittedly, my broke ass knows very little about investing. But as an art writer and an MFA degree holder, I do know contemporary art trends are bullshit.

Artists don't think in trends — at least, good ones don't. They make work out of what interests them; those who strategically try to ride a "trend" or "movement" generally suck. They are jumping on the bandwagon instead of having something of their own to say.

Dealers often try to tout "trends" as a sales tactic. I think a zeitgeist sometimes exists, but it isn't usually identified as a trend until after the fact.

Houston Press article HERE


Anonymous said...

Balls! Testicles! Reason! Discernment! Yippee!

" ... kick the money-changers out of the temple - le-e-e-e-t the carpenter in."

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