Friday, August 24, 2007


The Chron comes down hard on Dallas today, calling out the North Texas cattle rustlers and bullshitters are little more than Houston's shadow. While the 'ol #4th biggest city in the nation tag is kind of a stretch (we're the 6th largest urban area, Dallas is #4) blasting theatre funding, architecture, and museum spaces up I-45 out of the water is something the paper should devote time to regularly.

Civic pride starts with a good enemy!

best comment on the article: mekv

1. JFK got out alive.
2. Houston has much better looking women.
3. Rich folk in Houston come from all communities.
4. Yankees hate to leave Houston after living here a little while.
5. Dallas is a pit stop on their career track.
6. Houston, San Antone have all the jobs, Austin has the beauty and Dallas takes all the credit.
7. I'll take a hurricane with 2 weeks notice any day over a flipp'in tornado with 15 minutes notice. 8. Houston's marina district is the 3rd largest in the US after the Mud Ducks in San Diego and the big boys down in South Florida.
9. High school grads can find respectable life time employment in Houston.
10. From Houston, Cancun is closer than El Paso