Wednesday, August 22, 2007

El Franco Lee II

Little Flip Vs. T.I., 2006

What do you think of El Franco???


Anonymous said...

I have trouble getting over the lack of technical skill and the naivety within his work, especially when compared to someone like Kehinde Wiley.

b.s. said...

Yeah, I like to think of his folky painting style as kinda local, mythologizing- but when better executed work is so close in tone, it kind of loses its freshness.

Unknown said...

I love this painting!


Anonymous said...

Mythological? On the contrary, this is a true event which occurred, in which the artist figuratively expresses territorial domination. This piece is similar to the eminent style of the Honorable artist DJ Screw. No contrast, just a creation of a distant mystical illusion with an objective reference to the LiL Flip vs T.I. battle.


dolfpauw said...

Very good painting!
greetings dolfpauw Rotterdam The Netherlands