Sunday, April 5, 2009

News on Leigh Boone from

pic via chron

Visit CaringBridge to leave your good thoughts for Leigh Boone, assistant Houston Center for Photography, who was caught in the middle of two fire trucks racing to beat each other to a call.

Firefighter Warren Ducote was cited for running the red light- the lights on Westheimer automatically change to green whenever an emergency vehicle approaches them and Ducote STILL ran it.

Here's yesterday's note on CaringBridge about Boone's recovery:

Hello everyone and thank you so much for all your support.

To get up to date I will just say that yesterday (Friday) went well though she was and still is in critical condition. The swelling in the head has subsided to safe levels and now we are facing a new array of problems. Leigh is in a coma and this morning the doctor told Linda that it is still very early and what we are dealing with is the likelihood of some type of disability. I believe that is good news and we all know Leigh will put up the good fight. She is so strong.

So folks please know we are running a marathon. Meaning in addition to the support everyone is giving Leigh she is also in need of your patience.

Once again keep the prayers, kind thoughts and good vibes coming, please.