Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walk Through The Pane

Marcius Galan, Seção diagonal (Diagonal Section), 2008

My favorite part of the Color Into Light show at the MFAH has to be this optical illusion by Marcius Galan, the most transmutational work in this very ethereal exhibit. The work encapsulates the South American transcendentalism that makes it such a complimentary relation to mainstream Abstract Expressionism. Air into glass, denial into freedom. Thankfully, a pic has been delivered to the interwebs by Britt from the Chron via his exploration of "depressingly few museum-collected modern artworks on view in the city at any given time." The juxtapositions between South American and North American artworks of the same period in Color Into Light are sublime.

FYI- the MFAH is open til 9 pm tonight, and it's free every Thursday.

plus+++ Marius Galan's blog has pics from the projects around the world, and a few that look like Katy Heinlein's balancing work.


MARCIUS said...

Thank you!!! It´s very good to know that you liked the work and I apreciate your description...

(my english is not good, I hope this comment can be understandable).