Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Valuable Edgumacation

Here in Texas, where the tiniest details of the public education curriculum are decided not by educators, but the state legislature, lawmakers are debating the current one-credit fine arts graduation requirement for Texas high school students. On Monday, May 18, the House refused to accept Senate amendments that specified the one-credit high school fine arts graduation requirement and the middle school fine arts requirement, so there's a wrangle. We, the arts community, are supposed to put in a yap for art to our state representatives:

Rep Rob Eissler (The Woodlands) (512) 463-0797;

Rep Scott Hockberg (Houston) (512) 463-0492;

Rep. Harold Dutton (Houston)(512) 463-0510;

Rep. Michael Villarreal (San Antonio)(512) 463-0532;

Rep. Jim Keffer (Eastland)(512) 463-0656.

Apparently, aside from being good for the soul and improving math scores, art is threatened by a mandate for P.E.!


Vanessa Tanith VanAlstyne said...

but it will also drop taks and that needs to happen. imo.