Sunday, May 17, 2009

Screen Printer? Want some screens?

Screen Printer? Want some screens? (Houston)

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Date: 2009-05-16, 5:00PM CDT

I am moving to the east coast soon and I can't pack my screens. I have 7 screens that are all around 17 x 20. A Few are a little larger, a few smaller. You can find my post in the for sale section - it's about a week old.
I would like to get $50 for all of them, but like I said, they're going to be on the curb sometime this week if noone wants them. Feel free to make offers, whoever offers me the most by the time i have to leave, be it five dollars, can buy them. Oh yeah, and don't be LAZY! Boo-hoo, I'm an artist but I don't want to have to leave my house to get these ridiculously cheap screens, I think I'll just wait until I feel like doing a new print in three months and then I'll just buy one for $25. You know what, I'm just going to DIY it and staple some cheesecloth to this frame i made out of old rulers. Or maybe the problem is that you can't fit all of those screens in your backpack making it impossible to come pick them up on your fixed-gear schwinn. COME ON! I NEED GAS MONEY!!!!! (p.s. if you do ride a bike i'll bring them to you.)