Monday, April 27, 2009

A Letter I Just Sent

In response to THIS, I had a moment to contact THIS GUY.
If you have a moment, send a quick note!

Hello Mr. Bohack,

Thank you for including graffiti in the organized crime bill. It is good to know that someone in our state legislature believes like I do, that teenagers should be given a chance to become hardened criminals in as many ways as possible. We all know that only drug dealers and violent teenagers get the chance to meet and greet the members of our prison gangs at such a formative age, and you thankfully have provided another avenue for our youngsters to become criminal elements of our society earlier and easier than ever.

I for one look forward to throwing away the key whenever I am on a jury in Texas, and I hope to one day send your own son or his friends to jail over the objections of your highly paid lawyers.

Thank you for all you've done to equate spray paint with violent organized crime.


Mr. James Browning


Vanessa Tanith VanAlstyne said...

it's sad.... you can go to jail for some really dumb stuff.