Friday, January 9, 2009

Who Took A Cookie From the Cookie Jar?

Idea Fund Winners!

Kevin Curry:
Curry is an artist who was raised in Puerto Rico, South Africa and Australia. His proposal, Housewarming, consists of an oversized quilt that will cover a house in Houston, embracing the present with the past.

Mary Margaret Hansen:
A photographer, Hansen has had work shown at FotoFest and is a community leader serving for American Leadership Forum. Her project titled Second Seating will be an installation of fantasy dinner tables from a variety of products from Houston’s East End.

Kara Hearn:
Hearn is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently in her second year as a Core Fellow at the Glassell School of Art at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She plans to create a 30-minute narrative video based on dreams and nightmares adults have about being in high school.

J. Hill:
A multidisciplinary (is that different from interdisciplinary?) artist, Hill participates in traditional gallery exhibits and community-based projects. Consisting of a bicycle with a specially outfitted trailer that looks like a cottage porch, The Welcome Wagon will be a setting for collecting and distributing culture.

Ayanna Jolivet McCloud:
McCloud acts as an artist, curator and collaborator. Her exhibition, Screwed Anthologies, will be a mix of videos and sound art inspired by DJ Screw and sippin' on syzurp.

Cody Ledvina and Brian Rod:
Ledvina and Rod plan to use funding to continue The Joanna, an experimental exhibition space for emerging artists and curators.

b. December 1, 1847 d. April 2, 1932
(oh, wrong 'benjamin mason')

Benjamin Mason:
Benji Mason is a Houston-based artist who helped start Workshop Houston, a non-profit that offers creative, technical and academic resources to youth in the Third Ward. His project will be to create an art space within a King's Market stall aimed at bringing art into a comfortable place.

Zach Moser:
Born and raised in Screwston, Moser will construct a series of small sailboats to be sailed and rowed through public waters in Houston.

(googleing 'kelly pike')

Kelly Pike, Sasha Dela and Kara Hearn(Double Hearn!):
This collaborative of filmmakers will be applying the funds to launch the inaugural issue of The Buffet, a DVD publication sourcing Houston artists to create a portrait of where they find themselves now.

Ariane Roesch and Sasha Dela(Double Dela!):
Acting as co-directors, this duo will use the funding for =SKYDIVE= exhibition space, The Free School for the Arts and an online venue for writing projects.