Monday, January 19, 2009

Trip the Light Fantastic

curated by Lisa Marie Godfrey

Brent Wadden, Renata Lucia, Rebecca Ward
plus Rene Cruz, Woody Golden, Stepan Agov and Lane Hagood

Domy Books

Opening Reception Saturday, January 31, 7–9pm
On view through March 14, 2009

PRISMATTAK is a show comprised of bright, psychedelic, and beautiful artwork I adore. If you were to fall asleep and wake up inside of a rainbow, this is what you may find... like some sort of prismatic attack! When speaking with one of the artists involved in the show, I jokingly told him to think about how it feels to take acid in the woods. I wanted to make him smile and laugh but to also try and channel a happy, slightly uncomfortable aesthetic.

Berlin-based Canadian Brent Wadden imagines intense, hypnotic visions, Houstonian Renata Jones' new work transforms crumpled paper into psychedelic landscapes. Austinite Rebecca Ward will be creating a site specific installation, sure to transcend you. Also participating in the show are Rene Cruz, Woody Golden, Stepan Agov, and Lane Hagood; a limited edition of tie-dye shirts by Lisa Marie Godfrey will be available at the opening.