Sunday, December 7, 2008

Art Opening Saturday!

Frank Olson">

Frank Olson + Mike Field

The Joanna Gallery
December 13, 2008-January 7, 2009

The American Wandering Club is pleased to present a new exhibition of technologically complex artwork by Mike Field and Frank Olson at The Joanna Gallery.

Coming from radically different philosophies, both artists have advanced fractal computer-based art by applying aestheticism and shamanism to an impersonal medium. Their surreal landscapes and textural abstractions hum with energy, echoing the building blocks of science and the structures of microscopic organisms.

Conversely, Field and Olson exude passion through color, form and composition in much the same way that early Modernists like Wassily Kandinsky explored emotion through abstraction.

Join us this winter for an exhibit of 21st century technology and timeless compassion bringing together academic and intuitive inspiration.

There will be lectures by both Field and Olson at 6 pm on December 13th in conjunction with the opening. Refreshments will be provided.


Monica Danna said...

been forward to this! see yas saturdayz!

Anonymous said...

Tag- you're it.