Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nice to see it twice

Lynne McCabe (now off to Cali), Building Walls Together, 2008

Three different perspectives on the Blaffer Area Show from Douglas Britt , Nancy Wozny and Beth Secor.

Douglas: "The result is a mixed bag, with enough strong work to more than justify a visit to the gallery... Artists can make all the references they want, but the work needs to do something more. Otherwise, they might as well just write an essay."

Nancy: "Wit, satire, and biting social commentary rule the walls at the 2008 Houston Area Exhibition at the Blaffer Gallery... humor can be found in Jeff Williams’s grungy set of Venetian blinds, Thickly Settled, which address a kind of neglect using amazingly convincing synthetic dust."

Beth: "There are some works in the show that slightly miss the mark, but it's certainly worth seeing. Curator Claudia Schmuckli's decision to limit the number of artists included and let them show larger installations and bodies of work was a wise one."

Who spit it best?


Anonymous said...

Actually it was Beth Secor in the Press, not Kelly...

b.s. said...

Ugh! I was just running to the interwebs to change that...

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