Friday, April 18, 2008

Somebody Hook This Guy Up With Sirmans

NeoHooDoo link

its also the name of a blog

and a book from 1974

and a dance performance from 2006

Hoodoo Performance Artist Seeks Generous Prosperous Financer (Houston Texas)

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Date: 2008-04-18, 8:50AM CDT

What Is Hoodoo? Its the speak it up dream time roots and herbs to heal folk magick
What is Hoodoo Art? Its the rememory of the ancient ways givin'um -dem spirits- a place to shine be contained through art instead of roaring their giant walkin' selves hurricane tornados earthquake style through the lands

Who Am I? Servant of the Giant Fire Walkers, The Hoodoo Daughta, The Dark Goddess Ringbearer, Zora Neal Hurston Madame Marie Laveau and Isis Herself Big Footed Heavy Handed Stir It Up Good 'n Thick Sauce Maker, Double Headed Wild Child, Writer of the Speak It Up, Congo Mystery Keeper, Drawer Interpreter Mythologist and Conjurer of Scenicville Texas Hoodoologist Landscape of the Forgotten Ones, Filmmaker, Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art...

Who Are U? The One Who Cares Got Loot and Knows

Together we will bring them through in a creative way- let actors who know how to channel spirits tell their stories- cause all they wanna really do is that instead of body jumpin folks who can't handle'um and makin fires and storms and such like they do on their planet

Please hear well