Saturday, January 5, 2008

Scooby Doo Crew sez:

SDC Productions a/k/a Scooby Doo Crew
Date: Jan 5, 2008 2:08 PM

As most of you know, our warehouse at 1620 Keene St caught fire on New Year's Eve. There were no injuries, for which we are most grateful. The brick walls remain, as well as the floor and porch. The outside storage area was the only room that was not burned. The roof is totally gone. The SDC bus and "Burro" are safe, as well as "kitchen cat". The cat has a home, if she will be willing to move ;) The residents of the warehouse lost everything. Nothing inside the warehouse is salvageable. We lost a ton of sound and lighting equipment. No one had renter's insurance. Luckily our Spiral Tribe cabinets were not at the warehouse at the time of the fire. We are thankful to have cabinets but we have no drivers (speakers) for the cabinets. We are currently without a system for the first time in 10 years.

We moved into the warehouse in October 1998 and have occupied it since. The last few years our immediate family has grew and Kelly and I sublet the warehouse to other artists, continuing to host events all the while. We had events, artists, tenants, and visitors of every flava at the warehouse. It truly was a special place - never a dull moment ;) We developed such an extended family through living at the warehouse - family and friends that we hold deep in our hearts. During the days and most nights, it provided a home and community for many. A couple evenings of the month, the residents of the warehouse would put all the furniture against the wall, all the kid's toys in the closet, and transform the warehouse for an event. When people came to the party, first-comers would always say, "People live here?" ;) These events gave us so many great memories of celebrating life with friends and making new friends. These events are the source for a lot of "firsts" for many. We are grateful to be a part of those memories ;)

The warehouse holds so many special memories for us. The friends and events held there, the constant flow of interesting visitors, helping friends in need with shelter and community. We lost a very special soul in 1999 in the restroom of the warehouse - in that exact spot, our firstborn daughter was born two years later. Our second daughter was born in a portable jacuzzi in the large area of the warehouse. Everyone at the warehouse helped in some way to bring our precious angels into this world. The warehouse is special to our girls, as they remember the fun they had living and visiting there.

The support that everyone has given is greatly appreciated. We know that we are not the only ones who feel a great loss. We are planning a "vigil" of sorts for the near future.

Food, clothes, shoes, household items, or monetary donations can be donated for the residents of the warehouse - DONATIONS ARE BEING TAKEN AT THE CANAL STREET WAREHOUSE, 3012 Canal Street. You can donate to SDC to help rebuild our sound system via PayPal HELP REBUILD THE SDC SOUND SYSTEM(via PayPal, send to ""). A myspace page has been set up (thank you Bonnie) SDC WAREHOUSE MYSPACE PAGE Anything you can do is truly appreciated. A benefit party will be held in the near future as well. We truly thank everyone for their support!



A Few of the Kidz of 1620 Keene

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