Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't Forget

I don't care if you ride your bicycle to work at Whole Foods and care about your carbon footprint, don't forget about car culture. If you've ever been oh, let's say, on the 610 Loop on the southeast side at 1 in the morning then it's a little tougher to forget about.

Racing is big on the westside and outside the loop on any of those giant freeways with no traffic at certain times of the night. The other day I saw a completely custom Honda that had its exterior destroyed by a crash or two, he was still swerving through traffic like he was hot shit. Misogynistic, obsessive, paranoid and even violent, car culture is a marginalized and illegal subculture that fuels passions for the bored and the technically adept. Take a little time and hang out in parking lots of strip malls sometime, it's good for ya.

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