Monday, January 14, 2008

Bloom For Spring

Today the spring semester begins, and down at University of Houston they're not even waiting for the weekend to have their first exhibit in the Project Space on the 4th Floor of the Art Department. Thicket opens Thursday, January 17th from 5-7 pm. Stop by for a look at what the kids are doing, and to see Ann Marie Nafziger's newest evolution.

This painter grew up in rural western Ohio, lived for a time in Portland, Oregon and built a home in Marfa, Texas. Her lush canvasses have always relied on an organic cohesion, linking her work with artists like Joan Mitchell and Jean Arp. In a period of reflection and experimentation with monoprints Nafziger concentrated her imagery on botanical chaos, and in a radical departure from her earlier work the artist has embraced stencils, airbrush paint and wall installation. One of the most intelligent artists working today in Houston, Nafziger brings a tenderness to her exacting intentions, balancing priorities between emotional and intellectual prowess.

Another Thing Coming

Something Like Thistles




Brian said...

The wall piece is spectacular. I would love to see more large-scale installation from Ann Marie in the future.