Friday, December 21, 2007

Spitting In Your Eyes

Paul Hill, an extremely angry man writing for the People's World Weekly, uses an exhibit at the Texas Southern University Museum of Art to try in vain to defend Priscilla Slade and TSU's financial situation. Its nice to see some delusional writing like THIS every once in a while, and Hill's diatribe seems to fall into the same language as the last post from the Australian- but with less pretty words.

" “Homecoming: The Third Biennial TSU Art Alumni Invitational” spit[s] in the eyes of the university’s detractors."

"Unabashedly political, one painting by Cedric Franklin titled “What If Rice Was One of Us?” portrays Condoleezza Rice with a bared back showing intricate scars, presumably a result of the lashings that African Americans receive routinely from racism. "

"It is not hard to see why the Bush cronies would make it a prime target for attack."

The assumptive tone and illogical relationship between the art exhibit, the university's history and recent embezzlement issues make it a horrible article, but it expresses a worldview that is held by many people.

"With an affinity for clothing and shoes from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and St. John, Slade would sometimes spend up to $4,600 at a time at Neiman Marcus, according to court records. At TSU parties, [Priscilla Slade] served Johnny Walker Blue Label, a luxury whiskey that can cost $200 or more a bottle." I don't think you need Bush cronies to attack that.

last bit via wiki