Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nothing To Laugh At

They see me quiltin'/they hatin'/
patrollin' tryin' to catch me quiltin' dirty/
(tryin' to catch me quiltin' dirty)

Does this sound like a degree holding conceptual artist? "
Hollis Chatelain paints her quilts with dyes, then washes out the cotton cloth before she starts to sew. In the scene Archbishop Desmond Tutu stands in a field surrounded by children from different countries. Everything is tinted purple; faces, clothes, trees, animals. Even the sky had a purple cast. Hope for Our World uses purple dyes, but most of the color in her work comes from tiny machine stitches, often in thread colors that she helped design." It does to me!

You can't make fun of Chatelain for being an amateur, she just won the $10,000 prize at the International Quilt Festival in downtown Houston, and her work normally sells for between $40,000 and $150,000. She even gets a little artworld snooty about it! "There has been a division in the quilting world between art quilts and traditional quilts. Now there's a huge amount of diversity, which is great."

Even in the Chron you can find an article about art; you just need to rewrite it for them!