Monday, September 24, 2007

Triple Scoop

Oh boy. We're a little disconnected around here. During September there was one weekend with over 30 exhibits opening and slim pickings the rest of the month. While I don't think that's gonna happen again this month, there are 3 art festivals scheduled for the same day, October 13th. Silly.

BCAF- October 13th

WBP- October 13th

PRHFF- October 13th

The Bayou City Art Festival, Westheimer Block Party and the Project Row Houses Fall Festival will be rolling out the welcome mats and cutting into each other's audience unnecessarily. At least the differences between the two are pretty good; Bayou City Art Festival has a $10 entry fee and the art is mostly Texas craft fair and Holiday Inn style. Project Row Houses' has their own audience that is devoted to their 3rd Ward neighborhood. Westfest is lowbrow and high art- whatever that means- and they pick up all the delinquents and college kids. Maybe it'll be a nice fall day, when everyone can wander the city like they enjoy it... too bad there's no public transportation in Houston, otherwise we might be able to get from one event to the other without driving and parking (and maybe paying).

Know what would help? THIS crazy idea!