Friday, August 17, 2007

Chinese Report Card

Not everyone in town has been showing Chinese art, and of the Asian shows in town maybe 6 out of 10 are showing Chinese artists, but it's all because of the Chaney Collection ruckus anyway, so they're on the docket today.

Report Card Time!!! Scores are by # sold - # unsold.

Inman: 8 - 10
Inman's show of 'unpop' Japanese artists has been going out the doors at a good clip, but gallerist Patrick Reynolds attributes most of the sales to their base of collectors and not the hooplah, since most sales were from out of town. Darren Waterson killed it from the small gallery, but it's unfair to include all those red dots from the San Francisco painter.

McClain: 7 - 21
McClain and New had pretty much the same artists, but a summer show isn't their forte here on Richmond. The show is already down, and they're already setting up to sell Renee Lotenero.

New: 22 - 22
Owner Thom Andriola has seen his sales go to new and old collectors, and he's got the highest sales and the highest % of sales in the bunch. Rumor is there was a buying frenzy the night of the opening, but when I stopped by today Thom was still at work hustlin'.

CTRL 0 - 21
Late bloomer, this show opened after the Red Hot show, and their New York and Atlanta based artists were hardly Japanese or South Korean besides their names. Owner Bryan Miller distances his show from the rest of the lot, but his press release starts like this: "CTRL gallery is pleased to present To the Left, a group exhibition opening in conjunction with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's RED HOT - Asian Art Today from the Chaney Family Collection." Hmm...

Barbara Davis: "No Comment"
I don't think this means they did bad, just that they know me over there. They've sold some pieces for sure, though I might hazard less than half. They got clout.

Deborah Colton: n/a
Gallery Director Evan Garza describes most of their business this month as high priced and museum sales; their coverage has ben over the top and that's worth something on its own. Coverage in Beijing and Tokyo, in town at Artshouston, Houston Press, Chron, and an upcoming glasstire review.