Monday, February 11, 2008


Say it out loud and proud!
I'm an indigenous ethnic Mexican forced
by declining corn prices due US subsidies and NAFTA
to migrate to Mexico City DF and live in hastily constructed slums
on the outskirts of the largest metropolis in North America
and I'm into Minor Threat.

Well, that's what Mazahuacholoskatopunk means.

Mixing Cholo, Punk Rock, Goth, Gangster and Traditional,
it's the thing to do around the world-
Americana filtered through image and film constructed by someone else with local references.

Top Model Mazahuacholoskatopunk by Federico Gama

Review of the show in Juarez, Mexico by Border Art Dialogue HERE.
Border Art Dialogue Art v. Image rant HERE.
La Jornada review HERE.


jimmy said...

what a cool exhibition. Looks kinda like the kids at a Cavazos crawfish-boil in the Northside. Except most of us have English first-names, hardly any of us speak spanish, and even fewer have ever even been to Mexico.