Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dude, No Way.

Donald Judd, 1 Cavalry Row, Marfa, Texas, 2012

Not that the Trans-Texas Corridor doesn't already suck, but now it's being bashed for potentially destroying Marfa and the Chinati Foundation. Good Grief. Lets finally get some traction on those RICK PERRY IS GAY rumors. The Republicans'll impeach him if they're ever in session. This whole thing is his big-fat-contractor-kickback baby.

Actual gay pride support rally in Austin based on a rumor about Governor Perry.


Axel said...

I was appalled when I learned from one of Rick Perry's former interns that he likes to sit on the front steps of the mansion and shoot squirrels with his pellet gun. I equate this with shooting warblers or tabbies or any other harmless little critters tending to their own business, but whenever I mention this to people I get blank looks. I guess in Texas huntin' is huntin'. So yes, Republicans need to know he's gay.

Anonymous said...

More posts about the TTC please.

Axel, First off, squirells are just rats with fuzzy tails and are rodents. Second, Man has been killing and eating animals since, well, forever. Right? Third, are you saying someone should regulate what people do on their property.

Axel said...

Anonymous Dude,
First off, the term "rodent" describes a mammal with a particular kind of teeth—the largest order of mammal on earth—and is not a pejorative.
Second, Rick Perry doesn't eat squirrel.
Third, Rick doesn't own the governor's mansion.
What else you got?