Monday, February 11, 2008

Down South

Well it is Art Sunday (the day after Sunday) so it was fun to read about the recent politicin' on Texas newspapers. Most everyone is in agreement that the Clintons will have blowjobs for Bill and endorsements for Hillary waiting at the airport.

Barack "Who's Sayin' That?" Obama will have an "uphill fight to win over Texas hispanics" sez Dallas Morning News.

A classroom at El Dorado High School in El Paso gives a landslide to Obama. Their parents disagree.

The delegate breakdown via The Brownsville Herald.

Hills starts in the west.

"Texas arguably has the most arcane system in the country," via the Houston Chronicle.

Why focus on the Dems' race? Rick Perry already called the Republican race for McCain.

Galveston congressman Ron Paul better watch his back.

Obama is at home in Houston's 3rd Ward.

State legislator Juan Garcia plays ball, and Obama's on his team.

San Antonio asks "How will Obama fare with Texas' Hispanics?"

Silly sidenote: In Brownsville Rev. Adam E. Zuniga insists that cannibus is his religion.

thanks so much to the Rio Grande Guardian!

UPDATE: Debate February 21st in Austin! broadcast on Univision and CNN.


poet_demas said...

Adam E. Zuniga is from Edinburg, not from Brownsville. Cannabis isn't his religion, but a practice a part of his religion.