Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm On Fire

...and so is I Love You, Baby
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This weekend is friggin' nuts. Too expensive on gas! You guys gotta slow down or start opening galleries in the same neighborhood. The weather after Gustav blew through has blossomed into perfection, the fever has finally broken in Houston.

Britt from the Chron and Glasstire have both slammed out their fall previews (albeit with very different scopes) and they both say go see Paul Kittleson.

Between the three art listers around there is a full slate for the first weekend of September, glasstire sez 5 openings on Friday and 3 on Saturday, spacetaker has 7 on Friday and 4 Saturday and artshound is just a retarded website that has 51 gallery listings for Friday and 54 for Saturday.

Of course, fuck those guys. This is what's happening, and I don't care if I'm being redundant-ant.

El Deseo, Begona Egurbide


First off, you've gotta hit up the Big Block. They shut their doors on time, aka 1/2 hour after it ends, so there's no going back after you get distracted somewhere else. Anya Tish has photoshop de espana, Barbara Davis has space cadet Joe Mancuso's resin-collage-Mary Heilmann-nuttiness. Perfect for the drugged-out (you should be). Joan Wich has Tracy Weir, no Tracye Wear, and encaustic homes. Peel Shop hosts Sharon Engelstein and her inflatable sculpture with Soft Head. FYI- Wade Wilson is selling concrete these days. Check out the James Surls candy in the back at BD and Frank Tolbert + Jeanne Casanova at JW!

CourtTV Unknown, Eileen Maxson

8ish pm

Eileen is in the show at Fotofest. Ariana Roesch is throwing Mechanical Perceptions all over online, and it is a great accomplishment to corral Stephen Hillerbrandt and Toby Kamps into curating a show with you, but this gallerist's daughter is gonna have more impact with her new gallery opening later this month. (more about that later) Mech Percep seems like a 50/50 split, with Maxson and Soody Sharifi on one side and Brian Piana and Anderson Wrangle on the other (Mei-Mei Liem straddles the fence- who the hell is she?) one good, one boring- you decide which side is which.

Le Dernier Combat (1983)

2 minutes before 10pm

Domy detonates Luc Bresson's first film and the uber-horrible Deadly Reactor with a Post-Apocalyptic double feature. Hilarity ensues. Shepard Fairey and Barry McGee headline Big Kids/Little Kids, a show curated by John Freeborn (totally a fake name) traveling between Philly, NYC, LA, Screwston and Raleigh. Oh yeah, there's a book too.

Plus... Marcus says that his new band Chin Xaou Ti Won is really good. And so are his cheeses.

Melissa Miller, Red Pony

extra credit

The Art League Houston brings this year's Texas Artist of the Year to Houston. Why would I say bring her to Houston? Because I've never heard of her.

Saturday Tomorrow!