Tuesday, September 2, 2008

DEBRIS: Honey Pot

bubblegum, Tria Wood

(with apologies to Mary Magsamen & Stephan Hillerbrand)

Seeing a lot of attempts to eviscerate the Lawndale Art Center for this summer’s Big Show makes me happy. Go ahead, talk about it! Complain that worthy artist were left out, and how below-grade artwork made it in. Scrutinize, criticize, ridicule and spit on others. Anyone whose work was in the show will call you out on your territorial pissing. They may even cite a few inaccuracies in your story, note contradictory statements out of context or stake their own claim to relevance. Maybe you guys should just blog about it you know. If everyone forgets your little drunken rant at Boondocks then where do you go? The dude who wrote “quite possibly one of the most horrific group shows I have ever seen” squandered his chance to elaborate, why should you? Positive and negative it all goes into Google, the modern melting pot- since this century isn’t any closer to national reconciliation. Sharpen your boots and bludgeon your eyes, y’all. Start something and unless you’re in the street slingin’ wheatpaste you’re not doing enough. We can’t hear you.

Why don’t you take a shot at taking down the Psychedelic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich store front facades at Lawndale this month? Mary Magsamen and Stephan Hillerbrand would appreciate it. These two have been pumping out video and experimental work for the last decade, a husband and wife duo with a penchant for transcendental smoothies. If you’re actually into that kind of stuff, take a whack at Judith Cottrell and Alex Lopez’s minimal sculpture and shaped canvasses. How the hell can minimalism survive in the 21st century? could be your title. Come on, take it. It’s free.

Whatever you do don’t even think of criticizing (Re)vision by Shannon Duncan. What could you have to say about documenting the destruction of history in Houston’s inner loop? Are the mementos of crushed livelihoods not heart wrenching enough for you, you heartless bastard? Anyway, she’s already got you beat to the interwebs, having documented twenty-two zip codes worth of territory already at communitywalk.com/revisionhouston. Besides, she has tons of Polaroids, and that’s cooler than school. All exhibits on view through September 27th at 4912 Main Street. Lawndale is open Monday through Saturday during the day until 5 pm.

The school of thought that keeps capitalism percolation is democracy. We can always pull on them bootstraps to even out the playing field right? Well the same thing goes for elections and electives y’all, and art is a smoky back room game if there ever was one. Want to learn, grow and evolve? Get writing. Take pictures. Learn a little HTML. It’s not so hard and it’ll always be there for ya. In fact I am hooked up intravenously to electrical currents 24-7 that give me painful shocks if I forget to post something on the internet every three minutes. It really hurts and I want to kill myself, but at least I’m ahead of the curve, right?


William said...

there's history in the loop? really?