Saturday, September 6, 2008

Los Exhibiciones del Sabado

Missing Pig

Well all the openings shift north from Montrose to the Heights today, so instead of the Big Block it's the 11th Street crew. Redbud has Brian Maguire, who's Irish so he might be cool. Post-apocalyptic painting, really. G Gallery has Carter Ernst, one of those Houston artists who has been working with scrap metal and expressionism since the 80s. And the New Kid on the Block, Neu-haus, has Paul Kittleson, one of the first artists to exhibit at Buffalo Bayou Art Park and a player in many an artists' lives.

If you're at the corner of Montrose and Bissonett early on there's new work up at the Jung Center- where the art is as hippie as you think it is. Lisa Qualls throws around her archetypes n' shit. If you're around there later, then the MFAH will be loud. Go late, very, very late. It's better then. It doesn't have anything to do with art, but they might let you walk through the John Al.. oh, wait that's closed. Well they might have the Cheney's Endg... oh. They got paranoid at the unwashed masses near their fancy stuff? Oh. Well... maybe they'll just put it on the lawn.

After party back up on 19th Street in the Heights!

September and a high of 85? Sweet.