Sunday, August 31, 2008


Beth sees the bright side of life in the MFAH's Endgame

Oh the tangled interweb we weave... a charity asks for Perez Hilton to pay them 25 grand... Bush falls down a well

Cougars (no not Sarah Palin) trash Southern by more than 50 points... maybe that guy Art will be sad he went to go live in Waco (he made it very hard to google "houston art" for a while)

Performative Art Lab is giving me flashbacks... I'm glad I can recognize myself on video

Trying to fill seats, free tickets to Rock the Bayou were all over the internet this weekend... Guerra sez "It was, despite my better judgment, fun."

David Addicks keeps up appearances... in Montrose and on the 45 freeway but no word on last year's Beatles promise... HAIF waxes on for three pages of comments ...dirtyfeet brings him up in passing

John Stewart stops by "Mount Rushmore"... Everett visits Nestor Topchy... Houston's designers vie for Top Design

Free Press represent! Jermaine Rogers, the illustrator who did at least 20 covers for the only pro-Palestinian paper in Houston, is doing well in Colorado

The chron forgets how to write

The Bayou City Art Festival had better watch out who they trust

Photographer William Panzer is a thief... selling a Give Up graffiti work as a "Poster campaign for cocaine drug addiction", the stained glass Christ in the new downtown cathedral and - you guessed it- David Addicks


Vanessa Tanith VanAlstyne said...

is the poop in his pants also?