Friday, May 9, 2008

Get Your Art Car Parade On!

Sneak Peek/Block Party/Art Car Symposium
May 9: 7-10pm

"Come to the Orange Show on Friday night and get the first look at the mobile creations from all over the US. We're closing off Munger Street and celebrating and talking shop, Art Car style! Live music and entertainment, plus the "Shop Talk" Art Car Symposium in the amphitheatre of the Orange Show monument."-Orange Show Site

The Parade
May 10: 1PM @ Allen Parkway

If you really want to get a good look at the cars while not burning in the sun then I suggest you show up early and snag a spot under one of the trees in the median. That way you can experience both sides of the parade and look smug for staying cool.

For an extensive look at all the Art Car events this weekend, please visit The Orange Show site: