Friday, May 9, 2008

Night of the Living Dead

"Growing up in Mexico, Death Head was greatly inspired by the annual holiday known as "Day of the Dead". Taking this century old tradition of celebrating life and death, and embracing it with a Punk Rock lifestyle and "fuck you" attitude, Death Head emerged as a cultural hybrid…forging the colors, sounds, spirituality, political and economical traits of these genera's. Interpreting life through the brutal, animalistic, primal side of humanity, Death Head began abstracting human faces (including his own) into a diversity of animal skulls, creating the inner man we all try to hide or deny. Death Head views himself as a shaman of sorts, as the doorman for the truth seekers looking for the occult, the macabre and spiritual awakening. His work brings the viewer closer to nature and helps bridge the gap between life, death, and the universe as a whole." - -Aerosol Warfare