Friday, May 9, 2008

Contemporary Arts Museum Preview Reception

This Photographer, Charlie White, is pretty incredible and is only 1 of over a dozen artists being shown.
I know there's a lot going on this weekend so if you don't make it here tonight make sure you stop by before the show gets taken down.

Reception: May 9 (9-11PM)
Exhibit: May 10 – July 20

From the CAM site:

The Old, Weird America will be the first museum exhibition to explore the widespread resurgence of folk imagery and history in American contemporary art. Curated by Contemporary Arts Museum Houston senior curator Toby Kamps, the exhibition illustrates the relevance and appeal of folklore to contemporary artists, as well as the genre’s power to illuminate ingrained cultural forces and overlooked histories. The exhibition borrows its inspiration and title—with the author’s blessing—from music and cultural critic Greil Marcus’ 1997 book examining the influence of folk music on Bob Dylan and The Band’s seminal album, The Basement Tapes.

The Old, Weird America will feature approximately 75 recent paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, installations, and video works from nearly 20 artists and collaborative groups, including Eric Beltz, Jeremy Blake, Sam Durant, Barnaby Furnas, Brad Kahlhamer, David McDermott and Peter McGough, Aaron Morse, Cynthia Norton (a.k.a. Ninny), Greta Pratt, Dario Robleto, Allison Smith, Kara Walker, and Charlie White.