Monday, March 24, 2008

March through Purgatory and The Garden of Earthly Delights

So how was your month?

It surely was torturous for me to be away from the 21st century smack of the keyboard for only three weeks. Addictive hobby. I should have taken up trainspotting. To see Fotofest develop a high tide and dissipate across the sands without a visit to a gallery or a peep of recognition of the ridiculous irony of celebrating the propaganda work of a century of fascistic communists a week before watching a crackdown in Tibet made my brain impotent. (That last sentence is proof)

Seeing Red Bull Art Contest billboards go up across the city without issuing a heartfelt plea to TAG THE SHIT OUT OF THEM, PLEeeeeASE ate my soul. At least the show is in April.

Getting let in to see the show at Artstorm at about midnight the night of the opening and then not writing about it made me feel horrible. I need to write them a letter (and learn how to not get lost in the 5th Ward).

Putting down my thesis on The Art Guys and Mel Chin right at the beginning really hurt, too.

Seeing the comments blow up for S.O.B. due to a cadre of UH posters really felt good, especially when he whined that Robyn O'Neil's breasts were to blame for the blog's numerical ascension and viewer numbers went up on his watch! Serious thanks go out to that kid I stuffed in a box an hour ago.

Worrying about a terminally boring Houston Area Show at the Blaffer has kept me awake at night. The last two Glassell exhibits weren't any help.

Who'll be the new curatorial assistant at the CAMH? I have some good leads but that'll be a fun surprise with all the turmoil over there lately. Email me at if you have any dirt on that or the Blaffer's new boss search!

Have you heard of CSI: The Exhibit at the science museum? Too fucking funny.

Anyway, I have been to Marfa and Big Bend and back with only minor injuries to report.

A week later me and Tish were married here in Houston.

Then we went to Paris for a week.

Expect posts from afar in the near future, stories and pics galore, a history of Houston and travel guide for Yankees in several bite-sized pieces, workplace interviews with artists and curators, the hardened black bile of an Irishman from Buffalo who lost his blog for way too long, and your little dog, too!


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I'll save my rants for your posts. It somehow feels more, authentic.