Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Makes Me Wanna Choke

Michael Barnes wants to make me hate Marfa, he really does. Why else would he try to turn a phrase so painfully gut-wrenching that I want to take a shit on his doorstep just so he can smell what it's like to read his writing?

"Marfa, visited just before the South by Southwest madness, is to Austin what Austin is to Texas."

Continuing to wipe his ass on his own face...

"Prices have escalated for Marfa homes but haven't quite hit Austin levels. No McMansions. Immigrants and tourists studiously ensure that, from the exterior at least, everything looks much like the railroad stop when Interstate 10 thankfully took the alternate route around the Davis Mountains. (Otherwise, it would have ended up in Dutch Kettle Hades like Fort Stockton.)"

Wrapping it up with a little confusion between substance and superficiality...

"Still, Marfa is much more than desert sky and edgy art. It's got heart and soul. Like Austin."

Puke. Puke. Puke.


Anonymous said...

Don't let it phase you german dude. Your photos say it all.

Sounds like he's got property out there which he wishes he could sell.

Either that or he's never been to Austin.