Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fotofest Blog Falls Far Short

Wu Jialin, The Household Appliance Shop, Menghai, 2004

Was THIS a misstep or just a confirmation that there was nothing interesting over the past month?


Tom So said...

everybody wants a blog but no one keeps it up to date. how sad..

Anonymous said...

There was some interesting FF shows but it was probably a matter of idea w/o follow through. Ye olde garde still reigns at that organization so the idea of blogs and other such "new" things are overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Dude, FF SUCKED. I went to a couple shows and left more disappointed than I was when I was in Paris during a Museum Strike and could only visit one that stayed open showcasing their excavated graves with spotlights. I never thought there would be a museum showcasing holes in the ground without a single artifact but I was wrong.

I also came close to throwing fists at some douche bag trying to look tough in front of his bitch wife. He's lucky that when I threw him down the stairs he fell into an HPD officer. Unfortunately I was the one kicked out but I had to be pushed out while calling him a fucking pussy!