Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chicago Likes Beer, Houston Beer

The much-loved Beer Can House shows Houston's funky side

John Milkovisch, a retired upholsterer for the Southern Pacific Railroad,
started his project now known as the Beer Can House in 1968.

Call it creative recycling. Or folk art. Or one man's crazy obsession. Maybe Houston's Beer Can House is all of these things, and maybe that's why the newly restored landmark appeals to so many people.

The Beer Can House is pretty much what it sounds like: a house covered in beer cans. It's also a good example of the free-spirited, creative side of the country's fourth-largest city -- a city known more for its energy industry than its eccentricities. But along with cowboys, Houston has its share of characters. And the man behind the Beer Can House definitely fell in the latter camp.


When a quarter-million people turn out to gawk at goofy-looking cars [Art Car Parade May 10th], you know you're in a place that celebrates creativity and individuality with a little kookiness to boot. No wonder Milkovisch's Beer Can House is such a hit.

"Here you have this one man, an average Joe, who created his own little wonderland," Bridges said. "It's a very Houston thing. There aren't a lot of towns where you could away with what he did."

via Chicago Sun-Times