Saturday, April 4, 2009

Want to see my proposal for Sunday SOUP?


The American Wandering Club

We would like to commission public art for city lots currently in disuse. Every year hundreds of lots inside the loop go unused as developers wait for an opportune time to build. In the project we will work with Houston artists to pay for materials and a small stipend to build a public artwork emphasizing cheap and recycled materials.

Inflatable sculptures, signage, found object salvage, performance art, site interventions and concrete art will be given priority. Inflatable sculptures make a great visual impact, and they can be easily removed and reused. Vinyl signs and boards, text pieces and culture jamming can be installed easily and are well suited to viewers in cars. Found materials abound in Houston as much as they did in Rauschenberg’s New York of the 50s and 60s, and Texan folk art has a long tradition of salvaged materials. Houston artists frequently work with scrap metal, recycled wood and building materials, echoing these two influences. Site interventions, like those of Gordon Matta-Clark, can be created clandestinely or in desolate environments without much adverse attention. Concrete is the creator of American cities, and is ideal for urban lots where they can be easily installed or even created on site. We hope to reclaim empty spaces.

There is no ownership of the public art works, they are paid for and built to be disowned, left on empty properties, atrophied, potentially destroyed and possibly stolen. Bequeathed to the city’s dynamic whim, The American Wandering Club will document the creation, installation and presentation of sculptures wandering Houston.

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Vanessa Tanith VanAlstyne said...

i like how your dog got featured in one of the photos. she's a pretty cool dog.