Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is Art, not Lunch

This is Art, not Lunch

Have you ever submitted a proposal for a grant or alternative space?

The process can be deflating if you have ever been rejected by a proposal process. Is this idea good enough? Should I start all over, or use this again somewhere else? Is the project flawed? Am I flawed, my resume or my writing? Is the process flawed? These and other insistent questions plague one's mind without a doubt, at any phase in a career- from the bottom to the top. The alien nature of one's work in the mind of others and the perception of images and writing in absence of its context is indeterminable.

Well that is just horrible. What a demoralizing process!

Who started this? They should be kicked in the ass.

Worry not! Nancy and some guys from Chicago with a house in Detroit that made the cover of the New York Times just figured it out. They have taken the representational democracy of most US institutions and scrapped it, using technology and goodwill to try a model tested in New York, Chicago and Portland to Houston for the 4th (or so) recent experiment with communal art granting. Five dollars for soup is your 5 towards an art grant for someone at the party. This discourages people who usually pay $30 to submit to something, and hopefully encourages those who consider the practice either too much or not worth it.

So what do you say? Ready to put your money and your time where your mouth is?

Take a minute, just jot down that idea you've had in the back of your mind that you never had a chance to execute. Draw it- wherever you are- and scan it, take a picture or draw it in Microsoft Paint. Write three sentences. Send them to Sunday SOUP. Send them to sundaysouphouston [at] incubate-chicago.org

Have you ever NOT submitted an art proposal?

Well this is the perfect time to start. Think of Sunday SOUP as grant writer training wheels. Do you have an idea of something fun, and can you draw it in a funny way? It doesn't have to be accurate, just interesting. The proposal process can be daunting, but you'll come to understand that refining your proposals can take incremental steps, evolving towards professional respectability. The two best things about Sunday SOUP is that it is democratic- so you can blame your potential loss on the populism, the lowest common denominator, and it is judged by the artists who submit ideas and go to the party this Sunday, April 5th so you won't lose points for unrefined representationalism. They'll be looking for a good spark, not a good attitude. Have at it!

Proposals due by Saturday, April 4nd at sundaysouphouston [at] incubate-chicago.org

View info HERE and HERE

Party at =SKYDIVE= Sunday April 5th, 12 noon til 4 pm



just jot down that idea you've had in the back of your mind that you never had a chance to execute. Write three sentences. Send them to Sunday SOUP.