Friday, August 17, 2007

Myspace Shuffle

Here's a question for ya...

From: artCRITIC
Date: Aug 17, 2007 4:57 PM


Do you prefer artist exhibits in a circular or rectangular forums? This refers to both the frame and the gallery space.

We see in a ocular, circular way, yet exhibits are typically presented in a rectangular form. Why?

Why do we see differently then we present art?

please send some excerpts by messaging me your opinion.



Henry said...

We see in a ocular, circular way...

Not quite. I'll give Citizen artCRiTIC the "circular" part of the statement as it pertains to the gallery space, but when it comes to frames, we actually see in a BINOCULAR way. If you've ever seen those episodes of 70's TV where they're doing surveillance from a distance, you know what the "this character is using binoculars" screen looks like.

That "binocular" image is closer to the shape and aspect ratio of a wide-screen TV than anything else. You can prove this to yourself by cupping your hands around your eyes and finding the shape that corresponds to your position when your fingers are equally at the outer edges of your view. The wide-screen TV is probably the best estimate for our viewing window as we've developed to date.

(Fellow blog-readers, I give you: the sofa painting. Thank you. Thank you very much.)

But like I said above, I do agree with the part about preferring to see things in a circular space. Of course we are constrained by our ability to build rooms that actually stand, no need to look for any other answers there.

Perhaps a better approach would be to build a museum with hexagonal or octagonal rooms. This would approximate the circular environment where the human is at the center of their viewing radius, yet not be so devilishly difficult to actually construct.