Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hoy Y Viernes

Despite a horrendous press release and impending doom from above, Space 125 is opening its doors tonight. As long as Buffalo Bayou isn't lapping at the gallery's doorstep, stop on by for free wine and grapes and Beth Secor too!

PR Hell:
Summer is upon us, bestowing upon many in academia the opportunity to pursue artistic interests.

Join Houston Arts Alliance in welcoming University of Houston-Downtown/O’Kane Gallery-affiliated artists Mark Cervenka, Beth Secor and Mick Johnson for the exhibition Suddenly One Summer.

We will be afforded an opportunity to delve into their minds and creative processes during the opening night reception on August 16, 2007 from 6pm to 8pm.

Tomorrow's opening at the CAMH should be a great way to tell how skewed the museum's view of Texas art is; lets let greenhorn curator Toby Kamps explain: “I’m just sitting in my car and I’m looking at stunt-jumping monster trucks coexisting with art cars. It’s a place of extremes,” How extreme will the show be? “It’s an amazing mixture of really cosmopolitan and really down-home; it’s very fertile soil for good art. You can get a pickup truck and a decent studio and do your thing. There’s a great tolerance of characters and eccentrics and individuals. An artist is an entrepreneur, and if nothing else, Texas gets that.” Let's hope there isn't a cowboy in sight. 7-11pm Friday.


Beth Secor said...

This is Beth Secor, and I am so glad you agree that the press release was the worse ever! Maybe you didn't quite say that, but it really was awful.

b.s. said...

haha... it was bad, but there's always worse! nice to see you and your paintings at the show beth!