Thursday, April 23, 2009

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labotanica maps intersections of creative and social transformation. labotanica uses flexible, open-ended formats to engage the community to examine progressive cultural and social practices.
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- labotanica announces grants program for creative projects
- low lives call for artists
- labotanica seeks home in houston, texas
- labotanica magazine #1: classifieds, call for entries

labotanica announces grants program for creative projects
labotanica's grants program offers small support for creative projects that intersect creativity and social transformation. Offered twice a year, grants are supported by ten dollar donations from the public. Grant awards vary depending on total donations contributed by the deadline. To apply, submit an online proposal and make a ten dollar donation via PayPal. The grants program is developed from a belief that funding should be accessible and reciprocal. labotanica funds small scale projects that have the potential to multiply and be much more. This money is seen as seed money to develop one time projects or projects that could seek more funding in the future. Works of all media and genres are considered, and applicants of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Potential projects could range from community gardens, murals, research, activism, writing, interventions, and workshops, among others. Grant deadlines are twice a year in January and July.
Next deadline: July 15, 2009/ Current balance: $200.00

Low Lives: Call to Artists
Low Lives is a new exhibition of live performance-based works by artists from different parts of the world and projected in real time at FiveMyles in Brooklyn, NY; Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami, FL; and labotanica, Houston, TX. Low Lives is curated by Jorge Rojas.

Low Lives examines works that critically investigate, challenge, and extend the potential of performance practice presented live through online broadcasting networks. These networks, though seldom utilized for performance art, provide a new alternative and efficient medium for presenting and viewing performances. Low Lives is about not simply the presentation of performative gestures at a particular place and time but also about the transmission of these moments and what gets lost, conveyed, blurred, and reconfigured when utilizing this medium. Low Lives embraces works with a lo-fi aesthetic such as low pixel image and sound quality, contributing to a raw, DIY and sometimes voyeuristic quality to the transmission and reception of the work.

Artists selected to participate in this exhibition will transmit their work live through BlogTV, a platform that allows for anyone with a computer, webcam and internet connection to broadcast live. Interested artists are encouraged to visit BlogTV and their FAQ page to familiarize them with the site.

Submission Requirements:
-Artists interested can submit previously created works or new work to be considered through links to artist’s websites or other web destinations. Duration of works must be under 5 minutes to be considered
- Artist statement including how work relates to the theme
- CV - Email all submission materials to:

Important Dates: June 30th: Submission deadline; July 15th: Artists notified on selection; August 8th: Show opens at FiveMyles, Diaspora Vibe Gallery & labotanica- 6:00 – 9:00 pm (EST)

labotanica seeks home in houston, texas
labotanica is searching for an office space, and home for our budding archive and for future public programs. We are are open to sharing space in existing offices, warehouses, studios and organizations. Please contact us if you’d like a new neighbor, or have ideas for a future home for labotanica, preferably donated space.

labotanica magazine #1: classifieds, call for entries
The next theme for labotanica's proposition's series is Classifieds. We are seeking any classified ads you may have for love, work, and creative exchange. Select ads will be posted for free in a online/ PDF printed magazine available to the public in the summer issue of labotanica (July/ August). Ads must be submitted by July 15, 2009. There are no parameters for the ad. This is an opportunity for exchange, collaboration, and dialogue. Submit ad at: la [at]