Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alive and Dead

sexyATTACK from Jonathan Wing on Vimeo.
SexyATTACKin' the Glasstire 8-Ball of Cocaine, 2008

"oh, pardon me, was that my pelvis in your yogurt?"
@ Kroger on West Gray

sexyATTAcK will be out this morning (hipster morning; noon to 3pm) at the International Fest in downtown, if you're out and alive check it.

This afternoon at the Menil's Dan Flavin installation at Richmond Hall Warhol's screen tests will run from 3 to 7 pm, if you're in and dead check it.

If you see sexyATTACK take pictures of them and stare and slyly remark "that's coool" to the stranger next to you. If you come to see the Screen Tests bring something interesting, don't let the moment go wasted. They would've been seen in the midst of a party so the sterile screening in an empty space is kinda disheartening. Drive your motorcycle into the building. Bring a stereo and blast Easy-E. Make balloon animals for people. Hand out peonies. Dance. Talk. Bring lunch. I'm gonna bring paper and charcoal- hell, it's just like sitting in a life drawing class, y'know?

iFest: Eire
(happy jig-dancin' history version)
Saturday and Sunday (next week too), downtown Houston at Buffalo Bayou

((perfect day remix)
Saturday, Montrose, Mandell between Alabama and Richmond