Friday, February 20, 2009

No More ArtStorm

Richard Connelly from the H Press has the scoop:

Due to high overhead expenses and a desire to keep things new and exciting, the artist run gallery has decided to cut costs and move to a more "underground" approach to showing and promoting art and music in Houston. While a permanent space to show art has become, at least for the time being, a luxury the board members can't afford, ArtStorm continues to work tireless to keep bringing fresh, new ideas to the community. Unfortunately the exhibitions included in the advanced calendar have been postponed as the group had to opt out of our lease unexpectedly.

via Spaced City

wonder if this has anything to do w/ 2 board members leaving a couple of months ago?

plus... what does this mean for the future of Caroline Collective, whose website is not around anymore? musta been a glitch, site is back up!


Monica Danna said...

caroline collective site not around anymore?! news to me!! :-) j/k it's just fine. :-)

b.s. said...

its back up!

Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh said...

Hey Sean,

We had two members leave ArtStorm a while back due to personal matters only.

I can promise you that none of us left the ship before it sank. I am saddened we have been forced to close our gallery space but ArtStorm is very much alive in our hearts and will continue on as such until the opportunity arises allowing us to find a new home.

Thank you for your support over this last year. It is greatly appreciated.