Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caviar Dreams and a Fishstick Budget

Bill Arning, new CAMH director and Muppet extraordinaire

Britt from the Chron
has a quick blurb of status quo from the new Contemporary Arts Museum director, but this bit of a Boston blog from 2006 seems more enlightening. Maybe Arning will keep up the pencil scratchin' down here in Screwston.

...I'm stalking Bill Arning. I've never asked him, but I think Bill just loves art. He doesn't curate exhibitions or write about exhibitions because the market demands it, he writes and curates because when he sees something he likes, he reacts to it by having to do something ie. curate it into a show, write about it, talk about it, do a dance, something, anything.

That's why the work he does is so intelligent and well done. It's genuine; it's not forced like some other critics and curators who you can tell are working because they want recognition for how smart they are, not because they are actually reacting to the artwork. I love going to hear Bill talk because you can tell he's so excited to talk about artwork that he can barely contain himself. Like a vampire, I feed off of that excitement and it makes me have to go make more of my own work.

-Steve Aishman

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