Monday, September 15, 2008


via National Geographic

Britt from the chron sez that it looks like Houston art institutions survived the storm with minimal damage, but the city is on hold as Houston cleans up. A half million people have had power restored in the area, and downed power lines are slowly being cleared. I'm glad that the Orange Show survived.

U of Houston students are volunteering with the City of Houston distributing supplies at 3443 Blodgett Street on the TSU campus – two blocks west, off Scott Street.

Neighbors are banding together to clear large trees in Eastwood; gas shortages are being inappropriately exaggerated by CNN according to one midtown resident; it seems like the debris will take months to clean up but that won't stop people from returning to work and school- which is apparently beginning already as the streets are no longer empty of vehicles.

In Austin, a Galveston blogger was rooted out of a shelter where she was writing appaling statements about the conditions of the evacuees treatment at the hands of authorities. According to a local Austinite the shelters are operating smoothly, and that the blogger took the space that a truly needy person could have occupied.

I hope that y'all are well.