Saturday, September 20, 2008

all events, sporting venues and cultural institutions suspend public activities and performances until Monday

drowning plastic fish, Helen Altman

So HPD shuts down cultural events, who cares? Not Doomsday, that's for sure. Looks like all those openings cancelled recently will be bottling up the front end of October, I hope people are up for Wednesday openings and dodging debris.

Britt from the Chron is on fire- here's the Third Ward art update from Rick Lowe, Alex Wukman compiles your FEMA aid process for the Free Press, Food Not Bombs is up and running (and you should help them!), everyone should shut up about Hirst (it's old news- go look at FAILE and Banksy), the Galveston Arts Center was thrashed and Helen Altman's work destroyed, Booker-Lowe Gallery in the Heights is throwing a daytime opening (copping their neighbors DBHB?) cum fundraiser/ donation drop-off Sunday.

Good grief, I'm in Austin for a UT game. This is gonna suck. UT kinda takes the cake here in ATX; I have not seen such homogeny in T-shirt logos since Shell sent all their employees to volunteer for Katrina relief. It's like the Longhorns take the place of baseball here, not rooting for one team but the whole idea of the national pastime. The devil-horn salute familiar to metalheads the world over is a patriotic symbol, seen on everything from presidents to, well, presidents. Cody Ledvina is opening his show at Domy here in Austin tonight- r u goin?

Caudy Ledvinu, speller extrerdinaire and ankle-pants fanatic