Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Shit?

Aurora Picture Show Acquired by Edward Cinema Circuit Company
April 01, 2008

Dear Buffalo,

In the midst of an ongoing struggle for independent movie theaters in Houston, Aurora Picture Show has been acquired by Edward Cinema Circuit Company, the national theater chain headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, with over 950 screens in 14 states. ECCC has purchased the brand name and equity of the Houston non-profit microcinema known for showing non-commercial film, video and media art. As long as you actually read this paragraph, you'll know that this is an april fool's prank. Aurora Picture Show will transition to programming features and new releases at its Houston Heights location. All Aurora staff will remain on in temporary roles until the transition has been completed by the end of the year per ECCC spokesperson. Programming of first run features will begin May 2008, including RAIDERS: KING OF THE CRYSTAL SKELETON.

For more information and the official press release click here.


Aurora Picture Show


Anonymous said...

the problem is that "edwards cinema circuit company" does not really exist under that name. It is probably the parent company of General Cinema Theaters: Edward Theaters Circuit.


I wonder how Andrea's board took the news.

Anonymous said...

it is a clever hoax - straight from her subconscious

jeannecassanova said...

"Happy April Fool´s Day!

Gentle viewer, Aurora Picture Show is not being absorbed by a mega-movie theater chain.

Aurora will continue to champion avant-garde and experimental cinema, documentaries, historical works, and artist-made media. Why not become a member and make sure we´re around forever and ever and ever and ever?"

How hilarious.