Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dead Bodies, Dead Air

Or do you prefer the couplet by Lisa Gray? "Artists auction ashes, but their dust is a bust"

There's an interesting sentence in her article: Bidding had peaked in January, when a Fluxus artist — one of those old half-serious pranksters — offered to trade the Art Guys one of his own works, which he modestly valued at $2.199 million. But the Art Guys held out for hard currency.

Kinda like Canadians going on strike and then dying instead of taking the Bennigan's coupons.

Da Ert Guys


Derek Shumate said...


Anonymous said...

Why is there no fuss about Dixie Friend Gay totally ripping off Louise Bourgeois:

Lisa Gray missed it...I've been shaking my head since I saw the proposal on view at the Architecture Center last year. How could they have missed this!

b.s. said...

oh, there's a fuss... we're all fussy up in here...