Monday, February 4, 2008

I Like A Little Bite

an unflattering view of a parallelogram

So the Chron writes about art still! Even Patty Johnson is still there with a biography article on John Cleary right before he succumbed to cancer. What about all the noise she made in December over the paper cutting local arts? A little miscommunication or just smart hype? I bit on that shit for sure.

Lisa Gray drops a little bit of bloggorah into the paper with an article that asks "Is Birkerts' 1972 building no longer contemporary?"- nice to see opinions on the rise! Between a truncated history of the museum and frosting from current leaders ready to either jump ship or start a collecting institution Gray never answers her own question. An awkward article, if this gets in print I don't feel so bad about half-ass blog posts anymore!

Best CAMH moment? Since the article doesn't even mention Jermayne MacAgy maybe this will do...

"The scandals peaked in 1977, during the rowdy tenure of director Jim Harithas. Spanish artist Antoni Miralda created a giant sculpture from dyed loaves of bread. A fight broke out at the show's opening, and almost everyone at the party began throwing the bread at each other, running in and out of the shiny building, as engaged with art as it's possible to be. Harithas was thrilled."