Monday, January 7, 2008

Volunteer for the Lawndale

Why volunteer for the Lawndale? You get to put it on your CV! Want to get into the artworld sideways? Start installing! A few days working with Mat Wolff and Christine West at the Lawndale will put you in a good position to apply for an art handling, framing or assistant gallerist job. Do it a few times and you should be ready to fly solo. If you don't know it yet it is who you know, not what you know so BE FRIENDLY!

email today!

De-installation is hardly a word, but a ton of fun!!
January 9th & 10th (Wednesday and Thursday)
11am to 5pm
Gallery preparations including patch and paint! We'll be here working all day. Drop me an email to tell me you're coming. Stop in for as long as you want!
Installation time is super cool! Don't miss it!
January 14th - 16th (Monday thru Wednesday)
11am to 5pm
Art installation with our new exhibiting artists including Lynne Rutzky, Maria Guzman, Katie Pell, Jason Villegas, Jessica Rudick and Timothy Warner! Sign up today! Simply reply to this email and let me know which day and what time you are joining us.

Don't forget opening night!
January 18th (Friday)
5:30 to 8:30
We always appreciate your help with our bar and membership table. Word on the street is that we have the best bartenders on the circuit! Thanks y'all!