Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lots To Do Friday

Three great gallery openings on Alabama at Main and two non-profits with big shows!

Inman Gallery
Little tiny things by the whole crew including Bill Davenport and Katrina Moorhead.

Finesilver Gallery
Leonardo Drew plays with cardboard, cotton and cloth in large messy installations.

CTRL Gallery
The Thames Mudlarks
How did Bryan get the hookup with all these London artists? I'm sure someone knows!

Lawndale Art Center

Children in Heat
Jason Villegas, Jessica Rudick and Timothy Warner try to fuck with your head.

The Best That I Can Give You and Less Than Half of What You Deserve
Katie Pell blisses us out.

Moving In
Maria Guzman! Found objects, cloth monsters and animals.

Blaffer Gallery

Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1976)

Hotel Monterey (1972)

Chantal Akerman, video documentary work from Russia after Gorbachev, Jasper, Texas after the dragging death, and Arizona border crossings.

All shows open Friday, January 18th

6-8pm for gallery shows
6-9pm for Lawndale and Blaffer


ArtsHouston said...

And dont forget Gallery 1724!Not too far from everything... Austin-based artist Brandon González.

Blaffer said...

Here is a portion of "From the East" ("D'Est") on YouTube, which will be featured in the exhibition:

b.s. said...

i know about the 1724 opening- its on Saturday! 7-9pm.

thanks for the vid Blaffer, and thanks for reading!

Blaffer said...

You're very welcome. Thanks for mention of tonight's opening.